Collection: Bath Bomb's, GlowNuts, Foaming Bath Soaks

Don't Drop "F" Bombs in the tub... drop a Bath Bomb instead! 

Okay that was cheesy, but seriously sometimes you just need a nice long soak in a warm bath after a hard day. So why not spice up bath time? Drop one of our fizzy bath bombs in the tub and relax, you deserve it! 

OR..... you just want the kids to not be running around all crazy for 15 minuets, why not drop a bath bomb and let the kids "swim" in mermaid water??? Good idea right?

We hope you enjoy our new Bath Bomb/ Bath Soak collection.

We have a very limited supply of Bath Bombs right now, but we are working hard to keep them in stock full time! 


**As with all bath products, every one's skin is different and some skin types may absorb the mica colorant used in the bath bombs after periods of long exposure. We have yet to experience this with our bath bombs. It is up to our customers to know and understand their skin sensitivities before use.