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Chocolate Soapcake

Chocolate Soapcake

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Soapcakes or cupcakes? Pretty hard to tell…


These soaps will have you taking a second look. That’s right, these are soap! Our signature soap base is used to make these delicious looking bar of soap!

These Soapcakes come complete with strawberries, chocolate bars and sprinkles nestled on top of buttercream fragranced soap icing and a chocolate soapcake base! Yes, it’s all soap! 

***As with any vanilla fragrance blend, all soap made with vanilla will eventually turn brown. This is perfectly normal and the soap is still safe and good to use. So please use the soap, just don’t eat the soap! 

Ingredients: organic coconut oil, reasonably sustained pan oil, olive oil, castor and sweet almond oil, distilled water and sodium hydroxide, mica and a fragrance blend 

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