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Calendula itself is best known for its natural anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and healing benefits, so it's great for rashes, scratches, eczema, psoriasis, chapped skin, insect bites and damaged skin.

Natural soap infused with Calendula olive oil is considered to be a very effective herbal remedy for skin problems.

This bar has a light refreshing citrus and floral scent. Fresh, brilliant and clean. 

The calendula flower used in  this bar was grown right in our back yard. Then dried and steeped in the olive oil used to make this bar. Dried Calendual also graces the top of this bar, to lend a delicate touch. 

  100% organic coconut oil, olive oil, reasonably sustained palm oil, sweet almond oil, castor, oil and distilled water, mica for colorant, fragrance oil blend, dried calendula flowers. 

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